Why Choose Us

What are the advantages of using The Dog Fence Company?  In a word…  Training.  The cornerstone of our company is built upon sound training techniques that take you and your dog beyond yard containment.  Years of training dogs with electric remote collars, gives us the ability to understand dogs better than the average dog fence installer.  We use the highest grade materials, and our equipment is state of the art, but the same can be said for our competition.  We use the same materials.

Your dog fence needs to be the equivalent of a steel wall in your dog’s mind.  If your dog isn’t properly trained, they will figure out how to escape the yard, and forget that the fence is there as they chase after squirrels, people, and other dogs.  Our training program sets us apart, and will prevent break-through accidents to make sure your dog is safe, secure, and happy.

Here are some of the main advantages of using the Dog Fence Company:

  • Our installers are certified dog trainers.  They have in-depth knowledge how a dog thinks to make sure that the layout of the fence, and the training program will prevent breakthrough.
  • Our training sessions is customized to you, and your dog, taking you beyond dog fence training, addressing other behavioral, training, and manners solutions.  Both inside and outside the home.
  • Indoor fence solutions are provided to prevent counter surfing, doorway escaping, to keep your dog out of a specific room or floor of your home, and to keep your dog off furniture.
  • State of the art equipment.
  • Lightning protection- Don’t under estimate the importance of this.  Lightning strikes miles away can damage your fence.
  • Large gauge dog fence wire that help prevent easy wire breaks.
  • Multiple correction levels for different dog sizes to ensure comfort and safety.
  • Our innovative dog training program was designed by Certified Master Dog Trainers at The Canine Training Center.  It is the safest, fastest way to have a secure yard and a happy dog.
  • We use dog fence receiver collars that are waterproof.
  • The rechargeable dog collar has a very long battery life, lasting up to 2-3 months between charges.
  • The dog fence collar won’t activate on stray radio signals.
  • We properly install the dog fence wire to ensure that your dog is safe.  Homeowners sometimes place the wire in the wrong place thereby shocking the pet inside the home.  Did you know that the dog fence signal can be carried into the home via utility wires if it’s improperly installed?
  • A wire break alarm warns you the dog fence is not working due to the line being severed.
  • The dog collar has a low battery light to warn you it is time to charge the battery in the collar.