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In-Ground Dog Fences in Maryland

Setting up an in-ground fence for your dog is a great investment to make for your dog.  It gives you piece of mind that they won’t runaway, and protects them from roadway hazards.

5 Dog Obedience and Fence Training Lessons with Every Installation        Creating an area of play as well as off-limit areas is essential to ensure that your dog is happy and confident.  Improper training can create psychological issues such as fear aggression, fear of the yard, or that promote fence break through.  A certified trainer will train your dog on the yard boundary, and they will also train your dog in obedience.  Does your dog already have perfect obedience?  Other training possibilities include:  agility, scent detection, the retrieve, and behavior modification… and it’s all included.

When you contact The Dog Fence Company, our first job is to learn about you, and your dog.  Each owner and dog has their own unique needs, and it’s our job to configure a set up that will work exactly as you need it to.

We’re certified dog trainers with years of experience teaching dogs how to perform narcotic searches, to track, agility, protection, advanced obedience, and behavior modification.  We understand dogs better than the average dog fence installer, and that understanding will make sure that you have a great play area in your yard for your best friend.