Dog Training

World Class Dog Training

Dog training is more than knowing how to train a dog…  it’s the ability to teach an owner about their best friend.  Our parent company, The Canine Training Center, has been recognized as the best dog training business in Maryland.  Their dedication to both owners and dogs is the main reason why you can’t find a better dog training program.  Anywhere.

Dog training starts with the ability to train a dog, but at the end of the day it needs to place an emphasis on the owners that will continue to work live with the dogs.  The founder of The Canine Training Center, Andrew Wildesen, began his career teaching and evaluating teaching programs.

The Canine Training Center’s methodology is human centric.  This means that the owners understand how a dog thinks, and learns.  It teaches the owner how to get their dogs to learn, to learn.  The dog training programs offered include:

  • Behavior Modification- Dog aggressive dogs, human aggressive dogs, and basic manners
  • Basic training- Train your dog to sit, lay down, stay, heel (walk on loose leash even around distractions), come every time when called, and boundaries around your home.
  • Dog agility training- Build Confidence, and learn how to communicate with your dog, all while having more fun than you thought possible.
  • Dog scent detection- Train your dog to find your keys, a lost remote, or any thing you can dream of losing.
  • Socialize your dog in a safe environment.
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