DIY Dog Fence

Dog Fence Trencer

Use our dog fence installation equipment for free with the purchase of our training package.

Whether you need to save money, or just want to have the bragging rights of installing a dog fence all by yourself, we have a great solution for you.

We know from experience, that the weak link in the chain of dog fences is training your dog not to cross through the fence line.  We want to help you..  So, we’ll give you a free dog fence trencher for 24 hours when you purchase our dog fence training package.

*Most installations will take approximately  4-8 hours (based on a 1-acre property).  If you need additional time beyond 24-hours to install your fence, the rental fee for the dog fence trencher will be $75.00/day

Dog Fence Training Package:  $300.00 for up to 4 one-hour lessons.

On-site Dog Fence Consultation:  $100.00/hour

We will assist you in planning the layout of the fence, give you advice on how to best protect your dog, determine appropriate materials and equipment needed, and anything else that you need to safely and confidently install your dog’s fence.

The dog fence training package includes the following:

  • We’ll condition your dog to return to your home when they hear the warning beep.
  • We’ll train your dog to understand the boundary of the dog fence
  • Working with your dog not to chase after other dogs, wildlife, cars, or stray tennis balls
  • We’ll even include basic dog training skills with the lesson… Because communication matters
  • If you need additional training, our certified professional dog trainers can train your dog to have better manners and great obedience

Watch this video to see the dog fence trencher in action: