Indoor Dog Fences

  • Indoor Dog Fence | Stop Your Dog from Digging in the Trash
    Stop cleaning up trash, and protect your dog from dangerous leftovers that could hurt them.
  • Indoor Dog Fence | Stop Your Dog from Getting Onto Furniture
    Prevent your dog from getting on your furniture, even when you're not home to stop them.
  • Indoor Dog Fence | Stop Your Dog from Counter Surfing
    An indoor zone provides a perfect solution to stop counter surfing to protect your chocolate cupcakes, and your dog's well-being.


Our dog fencing solutions that protect your dog, go beyond the boundaries of your yard.  Our indoor zones can provide you with the perfect solution to very common doggie  manner issues.

Outdoor Dog Fence Not Required

Indoor dog fences can be set up in your home as a stand alone unit, or they can be integrated with an in-ground dog fence.  If you don’t need an outdoor dog fence, and just need to stop bad manners like counter surfing, an indoor fence could be the perfect solution for you.

The indoor zone is small enough to hide away, and is unobtrusive enough to be placed in the open as well.  The zones work with the same collar that contain your dog in your yard, and will work immediately to provide an effective solution.  From counter surfing, trash stealing, to preventing them from running out of your home, they provide unparalleled effective solutions to common dog training issues.

Best of all, proper use will ensure that they learn from their behavior, and will simply avoid these areas over time, so that you won’t always have to wear the collar.

As with all boundary training, your dog will need to be taught properly to ensure the effectiveness of the device sticks long term.  We’ll teach you how to make this stick for a long-term solution.