Dog Fence Repair

Dog Fence WIre Break Repair

Did you accidentally cut through your in-ground dog fence wire? Let us get it working today, and we’ll even work to retrain your dog to ensure that they won’t break free.

We service all major brands of in-ground dog fences including:  Invisible Fence Brand®, Dog Guard™, Pet Safe™, Pet Stop™, and more.  Repair services include replacing the control module, collar replacement, battery replacement, and repairing wire breaks.

The most common in-ground dog fence failure, is a break in the boundary wire.  Our high tech systems enable us to locate a wire break quickly and repair it the same day to greatly reduce the down time.  This is crucial to keep your dog safely within the boundaries of your yard.

In addition, other problems with equipment failure are very common, and can be repaired at a greatly reduced cost to you.  Our team of highly trained technicians will diagnose the problem with your in-ground dog fence, and have it working properly typically on the same day.  We’ll either repair your fence or upgrade your system and collar to keep your dog safe.