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In-Ground Dog Fences in Maryland

The Dog Fence Company installs in-ground dog fences, which are commonly referred to as Invisible Fence® Brand Fences; however, we are not connected to the Invisible Fence® Brand.  We are independent dog trainers and fence installers who have set an industry standard for dog fence installations and training.  The Dog Fence Company was opened after years of working with customers to fix problems of the large fence installation companies.  Dogs were learning to leave a yard without regard to Dog Fence boundaries, becoming fearful of their own yard, and showing aggression because the fence training wasn’t completed correctly.  Clearly there was a problem that needed to be addressed.

Dogs that have a high prey drive must be very well trained to ensure that they don’t break through the Dog Fence when chasing after wild life, another dog, or a person.  Insufficient knowledge of a dog’s learning process, and how to safely, and humanely teach them the boundary of the fence can lead to escaping, fear aggression, and even fear of the yard itself.

Use a Certified Dog Trainer

The Dog Fence Company includes private lessons with a certified dog trainer with every dog fence installation.  All of our trainers have multiple years of experience training dogs, and have undergone rigorous tests to ensure that they are prepared to teach you, and train your dog.  During these lessons we’ll teach your dog the boundary of the yard, and also train your dog on basic dog obedience commands at the same time.  You can use these lessons to  control unwanted behaviors, improve dog obedience, teach your dog to search for your lost keys, or start teaching agility in your yard.  We do this to make sure that your dog knows that your yard is a safe and fun place to play, all while teaching them not to cross the boundary of the in-ground dog fence.  This is the best and most effective way to train your dog to stay in your yard.

No matter the size of your yard or dog, we have Dog Fence installation packages that include basic dog training in the price.  Advanced dog training, and behavioral reconditioning is available as well.

Independent Dog Fence Contractors

We are independent contractors and can work with you to repair any of the following brands:  Invisible Fence® Brand, Pet Stop®, Dog Watch®, Pet Safe®, Contain-a-Pet®, and all other brands.  If the system cannot be fixed, we’ll be happy to upgrade your system.  Most repair appointments can be accomplished on the next business day.

Contact us for a free estimate, and together we’ll create containment and training solution that is perfect for your dog.